Tech Savvy

With the latest in building technology and design, Chroma is optimized to make your life easier and better connected.

Digital Leasing Office

Our team is here to assist you from where you are – and we can do everything digitally from touring to signing a lease. We have virtual 3D, video, and personalized tour options that give you all the assurance you need to feel confident about making Chroma your new home. Booking a tour is simple with our online booking!

Chroma App

Have questions for the office? Want to meet new people? Need to put in a service request? The Chroma app is your home base for all apartment needs – including maintenance, community events, amenities and building reminders, communication with the management office, perks with local businesses, and a neighbor bulletin board.

Internet & USB

Chroma is fully equipped with high-speed fiber internet – the fastest in St. Louis – and complimentary wifi is available throughout community spaces. For added convenience, the kitchen island in your apartment provides a USB plug-in station for you to keep a full charge with your devices while being easily within reach.

Secure Guest Access

The ButterflyMX is a smartphone-enabled video intercom system offering secure, convenient access to Chroma. Through the app, you can grant access to guests at the entrance, view activity, and issue virtual keys to open the door – all from your smartphone.

Keyless Entry

No key fumbling required. Keyless entry with your building fob makes getting into Chroma and your apartment a breeze. Fobs are specially programmed to your home and designated access points across the community, creating secure and easy access.

Smart Package Delivery

With the Luxer One smart packaging system, you will know your package is secure from the moment of delivery until you personally type in your automated 6-digit code you receive via email or text to retrieve.

Scheduale a Tour

Allow us to show you the luxury and convenience of modern apartment living at Chroma. Our dedicated team is here to make your moving experience as spectacular as your new home. From a seamless process to being immersed in the resident community, we’ll make your life easy and fun.